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Thanks again for purchasing BioForce HRV Pro Trainer! You are well on your way towards maximizing your clients’ results and optimizing their training in a way that’s only possible with BioForce HRV.

In this Quick Start User Guide, I’m going to give you a simple and easy plan to start using BioForce HRV Pro Trainer in your training business as quickly as possible.

Following the simple steps outlined below will get you up and running in just a few short minutes…

Getting Started with the BioForce HRV Pro Trainer

Step 1: Create and activate your BioForce HRV ProTrainer Account

When you purchased BioForce HRV Pro Trainer, you were automatically redirected to create your account.

If this did not happen for any reason, you will simply need to CLICK HERE to select your username/password and create your new BioForce HRV account.

Please note: if you already have a personal BioForce HRV account, you must use a different email address to create your Pro Trainer account.

The next step is to activate your new account by clicking on the activation link sent to you via email. This will verify the Pro Trainer coach’s account and complete the registration process.

This account is necessary to log in to the team dashboard.

Please note: this will be an entirely separate account from any personal BioForce HRV account that you may have. If you have an existing account, simply invite yourself to your team and accept the invitation to view your own data through your Pro Trainer dashboard.

Also note that each of the members on your team will have access to their personal web app to view their own data, but they will not have access to your dashboard or the ability to view anyone else that you add to your team.

Step 2: Order your BioForce HRV Systems

Now that you’ve purchased the Pro Trainer system, you will need to make sure that you order HRV systems to resell to your clients/athletes/patients so that they can begin using BioForce HRV.

Please note: each person will need their own HRV system. A single BioForce HRV system is not intended, nor able, to be shared between multiple users.

You will find the link to order systems at the reseller pricing on the main navigation bar where it says “ORDER.” You can also get to the order form by CLICKING HERE

ProTrainer Cart View.fw

As you will see on the order form page, the price per system ranges depending on the number of systems you order. There is a minimum order of 5 systems to get the reseller pricing.

Once you select the number of systems you would like to order, you will be taken to the order form page. This is where you will need to select how many of the systems will be the Bluetooth 4.0 version and how many will be the finger sensor version.

Both systems come with all the necessary hardware to use BioForce HRV. The difference between the two is that the Bluetooth 4.0 version comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter strap designed to work with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices, while the finger sensor version comes with finger sensor that plugs into the headphone jack of a mobile device. You can see a list of compatible devices as well as instructions for using each kind of sensor HERE.

Please note that these prices are only available for Certified HRV Resellers and may not be disclosed, discussed or posted anywhere or you may lose your ability to order at reseller pricing. Also, you may resell or offer these systems to your own clients at any price you wish, but you may not sell them through the web for anything below the price on

Step 3: Add your team members

To begin adding team members, start by logging in to your Pro Trainer dashboard. You can do that by CLICKING HERE.

Once in your dashboard, locate the tab in the top green navigation bar labeled “My Team

Add your team members

When you’ve selected “My Team,” scroll down on the new page and locate the two buttons on the bottom left labeled “Add Team Member” and “Import Team Member.

If you are only going to add a few athletes or clients at a time, select “Add Team Member.

Select Add Team Member

This will open a text box on the screen where you will be asked to enter the team member’s email address.

Add Team Member Email

After entering the team member’s email address and selecting “Send Invitation,” your client or athlete will receive an activation link.

Please Note: your client or athlete must click on this activation link within 48 hours or the link will expire. Also, if the link does not appear in the team member’s inbox, be sure to have them check in their spam/junk folder, as the link may occasionally end up there.

Team members will be directed from the activation link to create a personal account of their own. If you are adding multiple team members at one time, we have included a template that can save you some time by adding them all at once rather than one at a time:

At the bottom of that same page after selecting the “My Team” tab on the navigation bar, next to “Add Team Member,” select “Import Team Members

Import Team Members

When you select “Import Team Members,” a separate text box will open with multiple prompts.

Import Team Members Prompt

On the bottom left of this text box, select the “Download Template” button, which will open an Excel file. Fill in your team members’ information in the appropriate column and save this file.

Once the template is complete, select “Choose File” and find the saved Excel sheet with necessary information. Next, “Import” the file, and those added team members will now receive the same activation link as mentioned above. This link will also expire within 48 hours.

Once your clients have clicked on the activation link and created their accounts, they are now ready to download the BioForce HRV mobile app that they’ll need to measure their HRV.

Step 4: Download the BioForce HRV mobile appBioForce on Google Play

Once your team members create their account, they will need to download the mobile app to their chosen device.

For iOS devices, you will find BioForce HRV in the app store. While you
can use BioForce HRV on the iPad, it is not a native iPad app.

For Android devices, you will need to visit the Google Play store and download the app from there.

Step 5: Take the HRV certification course

In order to maintain your status as a Certified HRV Reseller, you are required to complete the HRV Certification Course included with the Pro Trainer system.

The certification course consists of 20 video modules. In order to pass and become certified, you must complete the required quizzes with a score of least 80% or higher.

HRV Certification Course

Using the BioForce HRV ProTrainer System

The BioForce HRV ProTrainer Dashboard

The BioForce HRV Pro Trainer Dashboard provides a blanket overview of all you team members’ HRV records, resting heart rates, daily HRV scores, daily HRV change, and readiness. With a simple click, you will also be able to see your team members’ weekly and monthly HRV load. You can also use the calendar feature to select calendar dates to view past HRV results.

Selecting an individual team member’s name will open a much more in-depth look at their personal HRV web app, as described in the previous section. While sometimes a more targeted focus is desired, we have also provided the ability to sort your team members into groups, sports, and positions.

Adding groups

To group your team members, select the “My Team” tab at the top of the green navigation bar, and click on the “Groups” tab in the page opened.

Finding Groups Under My Team

This will show a list of all your current groups. To add new groups, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Add Group” button on the bottom left.

Adding Groups

This will open a text box where you will be prompted create a name for this new group. Team members can be added to the group by simply checking the box next to their name.

View Members of Group

To add or remove team members to already existing groups, simply click on “Edit” in blue on the right side of the page. This will reopen the text box where you may check or uncheck the team members.

Adding assistants

The Pro Trainer system allows you to add assistant trainers and coaches to your team. To do this, click on “My Team” and then on “Assistants” to add them to your BioForce HRV Pro Trainer account. Although they will be able to view the team dashboard, they will not be able to add, remove, or archive members, change groups, or add other assistants.

Add Assistants Tab

Select “Invite Assistant Coach” to add the assistants.

Invite Assistant Coach

This will open a text box prompting you to enter the email address of the assistant you’d like to add. They will be sent an activation link that will expire within 48 hours if not selected. Again, be sure they check their spam/junk folder if they don’t see the link in their inbox.

Send assistant invitation

Archiving team members

There will be times when team members may no longer be working with you or athletes may be away for the season and will not be taking readings. Instead of deleting these team members and all of their data, you will be able to archive them instead.

To archive a team member, go to the “My Team” tab and select “Edit” in blue on the right end of the page for the athlete you’d like to archive.

Edit My Team

This will open a text box with the team member’s account information where you may change information, add a sport tag to their account, a position within that sport or archive their readings. Simply check the box below on the right to archive the team member and be sure to hit “Submit” when you’ve finished.

Archive your team members

To find archived team members or retrieve the archived team members, select “Team Archive” in the bottom right corner of the “My Team” tab. Click on “Edit” in blue on the right end of the page for the team member you’d like to retrieve and uncheck the “Archived” box in the text box that follows.

Team archive


Support and the BioForce communityBioForce HRV Solutions Center.fw

The final feature of the Pro Trainer system is support and the BioForce HRV Community Forum. Within the Community and Solutions sections, you can do everything from submit a support ticket, to look through FAQ, to interact with Certified Pro Trainer members and find out how they are using BioForce HRV within their training.


Facebook group

BioForce Facebook Group

Aside from the Pro Trainer site itself, we also offer support, continuing education and discussion among Pro Trainers via an exclusive Pro Trainer Facebook group.

Make sure to get an invite to join this exclusive group by CLICKING HERE